EIO: Builder Overview

Here I present to you screen shots for the version 1 of the Eve Industrial Organiser: Char Builder.

First it's a good idea to update your assets and marketprices and Character Skill sheet xml files, instructions on how to do this is here. (It's the same process for all xml sheets)

Check out the Contents page, it covers what each sheet does and why.  The Read Me sheet might be interesting too.

To Begin - The most important Bit.

Prices.  It's a hot topic, do you use buy order prices, or immediate sell orders?  Do you make up a figure in your head and go from there?  I offer no solutions, just these words of wisdom, Eve Is a Game - and your time is limited, spend it wisely so you can spend your hard earned Isk on the important things in life - Like the Mining Forman Mindlink, or a ten gank thrasher fits perhaps - it's up to you, if you can live with your price point, get on with the next stage.

This is me pricing up my materials.  Pick a method and enjoy the rest of your life.

And the full screen reveals Values.

Entering your own price will enable for a much more accurate reflection of your material value.  You can also  edit the prices in the buy/sell column if you wish, though they will be overwritten next time you update the marketprice.xml file.

If you a series of #### in any field, simply adjust it's width.

Let's get some blueprint information.
Still with me? So far so simple.  Let's compare the materials listed with the blueprint data.

The material requirements with the ME and PE Values entered on to the Building Selector sheet.
So I've just entered a Drake and a Brutix on to the Building Selector sheet and entered the ME and PE values (Production Level, not Production Efficiency skill level of course).

Now time to ensure quotes are accurate.
The in-game quote on the right, and the Material Inventory sheet on the left.

As you can see, if you zoom in, the quote match.  This quote is for a single run Brutix at ME: 30. One thing to note is that EIO: Builder totals up your materials that you have in a hangar.  It doesn't count contents of cans, or in corporation/fleet bays, if EIO: Builder reports you have enough materials for your selected builds but the in-game is displaying a shortfall, check your assets.

Thanks to the new Unified Inventory - you can now search by group for your assets.  This means you type in Material, to find all items under the heading of Material, pretty neat huh, or you could type in mineral to list all the materials you have and where.

Prices and Values

With this one run item listed, we can see the total mineral value based on the current prices as entered previously.

So what to sell the item for?

According to the above screenshot, it's saying the minerals that make up a Brutix could be sold on the market at immediate buy order prices for 35.6M.  This is also the price listed on the Building Selector screen under the "Unit Material Cost" column.  Now check the market - can you compete against existing producers/traders?

Comparison of current market activity and build cost.
So all quiet on the Brutix front, shame the minerals are in a different region.  Ahh well - I'd also take a look at the volume and high/low prices they went for before deciding a final market price anyway, but each to their own.

Final Thoughts

This example featured just one item.  There are 25 rows which enables you to enter up to 25 products you wish to obtain a quote for, the only reason to enter the same item twice is if you're using a blueprint with different ME/PE values, otherwise stick with one and enter the total runs you're aiming for.

Any questions, queries or errors can be directed to me, Sidrat Flush in game, at the forums or as a comment on any blog post.

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