Sunday, 9 December 2012

New Home For Eve Industrial Organiser.

I have started work on the new design and features of the Eve Industrial Organiser (EIO) suite for Microsoft Excel.

This Blog is now the home for the Eve Industrial Organiser suite of spreadsheet books and I look forward to receiving your comments.

If you're new to EIO allow me to explain the History behind the sheet.


It started many years ago when I really wanted to know two or three important factors when it came to the usual trade and manufacturing actions.

  1. How much should I charge for item x?
  2. How much should I pay for ore b?
  3. What is the point of building item x when I can't buy the materials for under the market value?
  4. What do those people know that I don't know?
  5. How many units of ore should I obtain if I need x units of mineral type?
So I looked around back in 2007 for what other people had done and I didn't find anything that allowed me to enter multiple items in to a calculator and get the total material count.

Few people build one thing at a time, or even ten units of one item at a time - so I came up with a production calculator that told me what I needed to obtain for several items at once based on my Production Efficiency skill and the blueprint ME value.

Fast forward a few years and many iterations and I've gone from hand drawing tables, copying and pasting the formulas by hand and losing chunks of hair and sleepless nights.

Not only did the previous versions have a manufacturing calculator, a refining calculator and recently the AWESOME Mineral To Ore calculator as shown above.  It was also contained in one big sheet which took ages to load or many several sheets with interdependencies which caused bug hunting a nightmare, and you still had to load multiple sheets to update results any way.

The Future.

After taking some time away from the game, I have decided to come back and really tackle the issue of industry and spreadsheets.  I have decided to totally separate the different functions of the suite in to stand alone workbooks.   This solves the problems I've encountered before and keeps each workbook tightly focused to deliver only what it is supposed to deliver.  This might mean a lack of automated inventory management but we'll see.

The Retribution data export hasn't gone too well for CCP it seems and things were broken, misplaced or removed.  After two edits and a possible third I decided to bite the bullet and start work on the Refining work book.

This will be the first entry released to the public on Friday 14th December 2012, just in time to make yourself loads of ISK before Christmas.

Between now and after the New Year, I will be use testing the Refining sheet, and also working on the next release, the mighty EIO:Manufacturing book.  Featuring all your friends, the raw and extra material pivot tables and other stuff I have yet to decide whether I want to include or not.

As an early Christmas gift to you I present two further screenshots of the EIO:Refining book
The Contents sheet for the new Eve Industrial Organiser: Refinery

The Mineral To Ore calculator for the new Eve Industrial Organiser: Refinery

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