Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Preview Copy Available Later Today - UPDATED

Importance of external testing

After testing by a corporation member found issues with the database, I have removed the download link from Eve-Files while I fix the issue on my side.  The database will be sanitized so that only the tables used will be present, this will keep the download as small as possible.

I've also correctly colour coded the Mineral To Ore sheet so it's more uniform across the sheet.  I want to distinguish more easily between the columns so users can differentiate between value types (difference between M3, isk and units).  I'm considering converting it to a table and having a colour coded scheme but no promises as I don't want to cause eye pain.

Back to work, I will update this post with the link when it's done.


You can download the link from -  Enjoy.

I have just realised that the "Refine Report" sheet was filtered for ships only, remove the filter on the category  column and enjoy.

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