Friday, 14 December 2012

Relinking tables and MarketPrice changes

I have removed the rar file I previously uploaded as it has come to my attention that links weren't working.  In addition to that I realised I would be needing a new Material tab for building, so I've also made changes to the database.

Humble apologies.

What I will do in the future to minimise the need to quickly update to correct errors is unzip the file I intend to  publish and test that. If I need to change it that will be done and I'll re-zip it up again.  And repeat.

This will lead to publishing only when absolutely ready for public use.

I've moved the market price data to it's own sheet in order that the multiple work books can reference the single sheet, so you won't have to load up the Refining sheet in order for the regional prices to update in the future books.

I wanted every tool to be as stand alone as possible, this change means that we only have to update the Market Price sheet once for each future tool for it to function through the database.

Future Tools

Along with the existing Refinery book, I'm in the planning stages of the Manufacturing book, and the next tool will be the Planetary Interaction book.

I hope to get a new polished version of EIO: Refinery available as quickly as possible but I believe it's more annoying to download multiple fixes in a short period of time.

Thank you for your support

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